Call for Abstracts

Following guidelines may be brought to notice of the prospective authors / presenters:

Conference papers should focus on any one or more of the topics listed on page - 2 of the Conference Brochure

Abstracts in not more than 250 should first be submitted for acceptance. Acceptance would be conveyed within two weeks of      the receipt of the Abstract.

Size of paper should be limited to about six A-4 size sheets.

Graphs, tables and charts should be print ready.

Only word file should be e mailed. No PDF file would be accepted.

Authors must enclose their photographs and bio data in not over 100 words.

Company and product publicity should be avoided except where some technical reference are required.

Only text papers will be accepted and no power point presentation will be accepted for printed. Power points should be used      for presentation during the conference.

In case of multiple authors, only principal author would be registered as a 'Complimentary Delegates' Others have to pay the      prescribed registration fee as mentioned on page -3 of the Conference Brochure.

Abstracts should be emailed to,, with the subject: Abstract on …………

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