About CPSI

Representing India's commitment of Clean Coal to the world, Coal Preparation Society of India (CPSI) is a non-profit, nongovernment professional body having members from coal, power, iron and steel sectors and allied industries. CPSI has been dedicatedly promoting washing of domestic coal of high ash content, to improve quality and enhance the heat value, making it more suitable for use in High Efficiency Low Emission (HELE) power generating Systems. Such efforts will lead to more environment friendly usage of coal as a source of energy. It will therefore be a step which will facilitate fulfilling the county's commitment to decisions taken in COP 21.

to act as a facilitator in government policy formulation on coal beneficiation and associated issue;

to provide an effective network amongst coal producers, washery operators, consumers, R & D organizations;

to provide a neutral platform for deliberating important issues pertaining to Indian Coal Preparation Industry;

to promote / encourage new ideas and teaming up with international companies and professional global bodies

to exchange information on state of art technologies relevant to Indian coal industry.

CPSI is a member of the International Organizing Committee (IOC) of the International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) which is held once in three years. The International Organizing Committee (IOC) is a body on which so far 15 countries are represented through non-government organizations which deal in their respective countries with the issues relating to coal preparation. CPSI is a member of IOC representing India.

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